Piece of Peace

This is a bit of a political piece. Something I don’t really do for my own reasons. But I’ve had this photo of @kathygerberphoto ‘s for a while and had no idea of how to present it. It is of Buddhist monks in Myanmar. When I first heard of the coup and now ongoing violence I was moved.

When I work with Kathy’s photos I’m never sure how the paper will respond. She uses a variety of papers in her test prints, and each each is a little different in texture. So, when I started folding this one it began to crack on the folds. Any other day I would have been annoyed, but this worked with the piece.

When cutting the paper I purposively avoided the monks on the bridge. They are a “piece of peace” among a broken, torn, cut country.

The dog ear fence pieces were beautifully worn and a perfect height to “fence in” the piece of peace photo.

The lock of course represents most of what is currently happening in Myanmar: peace has been locked up. The antique style of the lock is a nod to an archaic system of rule.


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