Cogito, ergo sum

Cogito, ergo sum.

The “book” in its “book case.” Or is it pages inside a glass book cover? I knew the moment I saw the theme that this fine (now empty bottle) of Crystal Skull Vodka would be my muse. No, this is not the only bottle I cut 😏. Yes, bookmakers were injured in the making of this book. (Only once and only a little.) The “brain/book/pages” is paper mache strips of Descartes’ famous “I think therefore I am”. A classic confirmation of being human right where it should be…right where we think…I think.
Cutting the bottle was tricky. Being both a novice and cutting an irregularly shaped bottle on my first try I had to go and get a second bottle to get it just right…almost.

I don’t understand physics, but when I looked up string theory I was pretty sure this was a spot on interpretation 😅

This is the crystal skull book’s case. Also a book or 2 in and of itself. Half black, white and structured. The other, multi-colored, exploring. The middle not yet pictured grey…matter?

All together now. Half coptic bound, half accordion book book case. Protecting the fragile crystal skull book.

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